Contact details and availability

Phone: 07552 973278

I am available by phone 11:00 to 18:30 (UK time) Monday-Saturday.


I am available by email 11:00 to 21:00 (UK time) Monday-Saturday

When leaving a message by phone or email, please include:

  • Your name and email address
  • A subject line (for emails) containing the words ‘proofread’ or ‘proofreading’ and a couple of words to describe the document (for example: book, pamphlet(s), essay, short story, PhD thesis)
  • In the body of the message:
    • A brief outline of the type of document you would like to be proofread
    • An approximate word count
    • An indication of the level of proofreading required (light to heavy)

My LinkedIn profile is here:


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