Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook

I am a lifelong Whovian, so the copy of this cookbook which I received last Christmas really hit the spot!

I have a tendency towards almost excessive volubility when talking about something that I really like and am enthusiastic about, so my thoughts on this recipe book are probably best expressed in bullet point form:

  • Colourfully illustrated with photographs of each recipe in its finished form, as well as stills from various episodes of the show — very pleasing to the eye!
  • Recipes cover the full range of complexity — from ‘Speed of Light Bites’ (cheesy melts shaped like Cybermen heads, watch scones, ‘fish fingers and custard’ wherein the ‘custard’ is cheese sauce) which can be made quickly and easily, to complex and involved — though still accessible — baking projects (e.g. gingerbread TARDIS and K-9, as well as most of the ‘Eggs-Stir-Mix-Bake’ section, which has multiple fancy party cakes — including a banana-cake Dalek!), along with more intermediate recipes such as Ood-shaped loaves, gingerbread Doctors and ‘Judoon Cream Horns’
  • So far, I’ve only found time to make the ‘Pasta Bow Tie Salad’ from the first chapter — I omitted the capers, toasted the pine nuts in a dry frying pan and sautéed the peppers and chorizo for reasons of personal taste (the recipe instructs that the peppers, meat and pine nuts be roasted) but that did not diminish the outcome in the slightest. It was delicious and I was able to get two portions, which meant tasty and reasonably healthy snacking for two days in a row 🙂
  • Recipes which I’d like to try include ‘Captain Flapjacks’ (chocolatey fruit-and-nut flapjacks), the Ood Head Bread and gingerbread Doctors mentioned above, a Lady Cassandra-shaped pizza which takes the interesting step of using puff pastry for the crust and that most inevitable of recipes in a Who-themed recipe book, Jelly Babies! Although I would have to hunt out a decent vegetarian gelatine-analogue for those so that I can share them with various relatives who are vegetarian and whose favourite Doctor is Four (Tom Baker), with whom jelly babies are most closely associated.
  • One recipe that really piqued my interest was the ‘Time Rotor Sodas’, comprised of lemonade or cream soda served with ice cream in tumblers made of ice coloured with green food colouring — a bit fiddly to get right, I think, but very interesting!

Overall, I’d say this is more of a special-occasions cookbook than a regular cookbook. It’s definitely worth getting nonetheless, and will certainly appeal to Whovian foodies of all ages!