Another short one

Today was pretty busy for non-work reasons, so it’s another short post this week.

Made pasta with walnut sauce yesterday — the recipe seemed to imply that it was a sort of walnut pesto, but I panicked a little at the call for 50g butter, 200ml olive oil and 100ml double cream, so I just used a whole 300ml tub of double cream instead. It turned out very tasty but very, very rich — something for the ‘occasional’ file, methinks.


Small one

I’ve been quite busy with work and things over the weekend and today, so I haven’t had time to prepare much of a post this week…

I did make croziflette again yesterday, though. Turns out conchigle (shells) works pretty well for this dish! The concave shape holds and concentrates the creamy-cheesy-bacony sauce very well 🙂

Sausage risotto

I have to admit, I couldn’t think of a good — or bad — pun for this one…

This week’s recipe was sausage and white wine risotto. For years, I disliked the very idea of rice dishes, then would only eat rice if it was in sushi, so these were somewhat uncharted culinary waters for me. I picked out this recipe specifically because of the sausage component, which seemed to guarantee tasty savouriness, and because it’d give me an opportunity to remember to crack open Hairy Bikers: Meat Feasts.

Things turned out deliciously! The texture was brilliant — just the right mixture of gooey and firm — and the sausages (I used Sainsburys’ Toulouse-style) added oodles of flavour, which worked well with the wine and parmesan. I used the rinsings of a jar of strongly spicy garlic pickle in the stock, which also helped add a pleasant kick to the dish.Stirring the stock in, a ladleful at a time, was very soothing and could definitely be used as an alternative to traditional meditative mantras!

I’ve definitely warmed up to the idea of risotto, so this recipe is going on my semi-regular roster. Next time, I might make it with sweet chilli sausages, to see how that affects things. I’ll also definitely do risotto alla Milanese at some point — I have a handle on proper risotto technique now, so making extra so as to have some over for doing arancini should be no problem.

Breakfast pizza, Take two

The cooler weather seemed like a good opportunity to have another bash at this recipe and try to avoid some of the mistakes I made last time, which led to things like parts of the crust barely cooking at all…

It went pretty well, all in all, I parbaked the crust in the oven as it was preheating. This worked for its intended purpose — the crust was properly cooked at the end and didn’t go too soggy — but parts of it stuck ferociously to the baking tray, so I had to get a little aggressive with the spatula.

Also, I left out the mushrooms as they release so much liquid when cooked. Out of absent-mindedness, I compensated for this by using *all* the meat ingredients I had on had, which led to a large enough pile of toppings that the eggs stayed quite runny (though perfectly edible) even after the pizza was cooked — this made dividing it up a bit complicated!

Overall, though, things were pretty tasty, especially as I used sweet chilli sausages this time round ^^ I’ve learned a few more things as well, which I intend to apply next time I make this dish 🙂

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