A bit of a lull

Not much happening at the moment… the poetry project is being prepared for the proof stage, as I signed off on the use of a specific style for the piece.

I also got my article on self-publication sent in 🙂 It turned out that I’d gotten so into the ‘writing’ part that I’d gone way over the word limit. Trimming 600 words from the piece without compromising meaning or coherence was pretty interesting. It was also a touch depressing, given that it highlighted my tendency towards extraneous verbiage…


Side project and other things

No word on the poetry project, but since I’m using a very well-known and well-regarded publishing service I suppose that’s only to be expected.

I’m also working up an article about my experience of self-publishing for my alma mater’s alumni magazine. I’m up to 833 words and I think I’m just over half-way through, so I should have it done by Friday. *fingers crossed* It’s both easier and harder than I was expecting; I suppose that this is because I haven’t written anything remotely lengthy since I graduated a couple of years ago, so I’m out of practice.

Side Project — Almost there!

Apologies for the lateness of this week’s post, things have been happening!

After a few teething troubles with OneDrive and email attachments, I got all of the pictures for the project safely zapped over to YPS (the text files went over without a hitch). Now things are quiet while the typesetter et al. go about their business. I should be receiving a proof copy in a week or two — this is a guess, though, as I’m not completely familiar with the usual time-line of publication for this sort of project.

I may or may not have anything more to report on Monday; I’ll be making a post in any case, as it’ll keep me in good habits.

Thought: A Journal of Philosophy Wins the Prose Award for Best New Humanities and Social Sciences Journal 2015

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Thought: A Journal of PhilosophyCongratulations to Thought: A Journal of Philosophy for winning the Prose Award for Best New Humanities and Social Sciences Journal! Today they announced the winners of the 39th annual PROSE awards (#PROSEAwards) during the Professional and Scholarly Publishing Conference in Washington, DC.  Organized by the Association of American Publishers, the award honors noteworthy and original contributions to the professional and scholarly publishing world each year.

“The PROSE Awards honor the greatest works in professional and scholarly publishing.  These are books and journals that change how we understand the world around us and benefit our society through the sharing of knowledge.”—PROSE Award Chairman, John A. Jenkins, President and Publisher of Emeritus of CQ Press and Founder and CEO of Law Street Media

An online only journal published by Wiley Publishing, Thought: a Journal of Philosophy, is dedicated to the publication of short, original, philosophical papers.  It’s intention is to…

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Side project — quote received!

I am, at time of typing (11:45), waiting for a quote from my selected self-publishing service. They’re a large, reputable firm, so I’m not especially surprised or worried by the wait. In the mean time, I am calculating the exact number of copies I’ll need to order, as well as finishing the planning for the article on self-publishing which I’m putting together. All in all, things are still looking good 🙂

EDIT @ 19:10 I have my initial quote, and now I’m just threshing out the fine detail. I am most certainly a rabbit of positive euphoria 😀

Kim Hall – Guest Editor of Hypatia’s New 2015 Special Issue: New Conversations in Feminist Disability Studies

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Hypatia 2015 colorsReleased new in January 2015,  Hypatia‘s special issue, New Conversations in Feminist Disability Studies, opens necessary communication lines seeking to displace assumptions about disability that haunt feminist analyses. The collection shows how integrating disability into feminist theory is greater than adding new perspective; it presents challenges to assumptions about concepts and theories.

“The essays in this special issue provide insight into how thinking critically about disability creates an opening for interrogation of the boarders that define feminist theory, philosophy, and other fields of inquiry,” Kim Hall,Hypatia.

Articles across the discipline include sections on Gender and Disability, Trans-corprealizing disability, Questioning inclusion/resisting assimilation, intersections/transformations, Rethinking the social model of disability, and more.  One such article, with significant traffic on Twitter and Facebook, Octavia Butler and the Aesthetics of the Novel, begs the question, why hesitate discussing the disabilities weaved into each of Octavia Butler’s novels?  How would…

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Beyond Reality: The Limits of Understanding

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Beyond reality

From trees to houses, atoms to stars, we assume our senses and instruments reveal the truth about the world. But could our picture of reality be radically incomplete? Is this hocus pocus best reserved for fools and philosophers, or does it open a world of infinite potential? Watch the debate with the mathematical physicist Roger Penrose, the award-winning novelist Joanna Kavenna and post-modern philosopher Hilary Lawson: Beyond Reality.

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